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I’m drifting. I knew it would happen. I have always had a propensity to take things too lightly, and only partially engage with the world around me. I mean, I have traveled, worked and lived overseas, and count people from … Continue reading

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Lost time is never found again

I hate time. I hate the way it taunts us. The more of it I live through – and therefore the less of it I have left –  the less I understand it. Whilst waiting for a special moment, a … Continue reading

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Getting On

wake with alarm dress appropriately try to comb hair cope catch the bus work worry walk home eat undress nervously lie awake miss my cat fall asleep dissolve

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Wise Fox?

The TV drones away in the background as I try to sleep. I am uncomfortable. I’m too hot, and my pyjamas are twisted under the bed sheets. I never could sleep in the same room as a TV. I feel … Continue reading

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04:04, Monday Morning

I woke slowly, hoping it was later than I knew it would be. 7am would have been good; 8:15 better. I didn’t raise my head to look at the clock. Not yet. I just lay there, letting my eyes grow … Continue reading

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It’s 5am, I’m at Heathrow airport, and I can see people working out at the ‘airport gym’. Including a family of 4. The world is going to hell in a handcart. Or at least, on a running machine. Oh. Actually, … Continue reading

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Broken resolutions

So – 6 days in to the new year and I have so far broken the following resolutions: To take pride in my appearance (today I went to the shops in what are basically pyjamas, I didn’t even look in … Continue reading

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