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Carnedd Llewelyn and other unseen mountains

So the weekend just gone, some old school friends and I, moved by some perverse need to spend some time together, decided to meet up and climb a number of mountains in the Snowdonia national park in Wales. Some people … Continue reading

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Prometheus had it easy

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since my last post. Two weeks!! Wow. I know. The time has hissed away like air from a punctured tyre. The Olympics came and went. London sizzled for a whole 3 days as the temperatures … Continue reading

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The Drunken Athlete

My mouth tastes of ash, my brain is cheese fondue – I think there may even be a hippopotamus thrashing about in my stomach. Ah yes. Nothing quite beats the feeling a few quiet drinks with friends on a sunny … Continue reading

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2% Happier

Because it’s raining, its Sunday, and because my crazy little cat has just bought me what I guess he thinks is a delightful gift – a dead frog with his back legs chewed off – I’m just going to post … Continue reading

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August shuffled, slightly embarrassedly into London this week. I think the apologetic entrance is down to it knowing all too well what a letdown it’s going to be. I’ve never liked August. Never really trusted him; at least not since … Continue reading

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