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Broken dreams of a failed Pianist

I know, I know. I didn’t write anything recently. You’ll assume I’ve been busy, no doubt, and that in the next few lines I will amaze you by recounting just some of the fantastical adventures I’ve undertaken in these last … Continue reading

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Before and After

Who knew!! All you need to do is carry around your own lighting kit, and you can go from a lard ass to David Hasslehoff with a change of angle and the flick of a switch! Pass the cream cake

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I’m drifting. I knew it would happen. I have always had a propensity to take things too lightly, and only partially engage with the world around me. I mean, I have traveled, worked and lived overseas, and count people from … Continue reading

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Life’s a beach

Salty water stings my lips as the sunlight warms my skin. And the man selling water stumbles on a girl who rolled over to quickly. The child and his dad bury a jelly fish, as their mother takes picture on … Continue reading

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December, ah December. If the year was a pizza, December would be the fun filled stuffed crust, just waiting to be dipped into the last bit of garlic sauce and greedily gobbled up; washed down by the heady excitement of … Continue reading

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On waking up

This morning when I woke up, I realised that when I get tired of work, women, London and takeaways, there is nothing better than to go back and home and swim in the river of my youth. That would be … Continue reading

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Lost time is never found again

I hate time. I hate the way it taunts us. The more of it I live through – and therefore the less of it I have left –  the less I understand it. Whilst waiting for a special moment, a … Continue reading

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