December, ah December.

If the year was a pizza, December would be the fun filled stuffed crust, just waiting to be dipped into the last bit of garlic sauce and greedily gobbled up; washed down by the heady excitement of the New Year*.

The year has flown by; much has changed, much has not. I examined my face in the mirror this morning (something which normally terrifies me), hunting for the extra wrinkles and the receding hairline that I hoped would prove I was indeed one year older, and by inference (and more importantly) one year wiser.

Unfortunately, there was no clue, no evidence. If anything, the very fact that I was standing in my pants and socks and singing Christmas carols whilst tying to find traces of ‘wisdom’ in my own face belies what I’ve suspected for sometime now – that I am in fact becoming simpler, more idiotic as time passes. This isn’t so bad – if only I could grow younger at the same time.


*I have no idea if this metaphor has any value or not – I bought it online, along with all my other presents, and there is a ‘no returns’ policy

-Photo – Celeste Hibert 


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2 Responses to December.

  1. John says:

    It’s life’s great paradox — we’re dumb when we’re young and full of energy; when we are wiser, simpler beings, our bodies are starting to get worn out.

    And, simpler, doesn’t necessarily mean idiotic … it just means we appreciate the simpler things. Standing around, singing carols, is a much simpler joy than being at a club with loud music, and a hangover the morning after…


    • odiousghost says:

      Ha – so true John. I never really thought of it like that (though imagine a club where the music was actually really loud carols – that’d be terrifying)!. Many thanks for taking time (precious as it is!) to comment.

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