We come from the future

Yesterday I bought the groceries from the supermarket, scanning the items myself and paying for them without even swiping my card. As I shopped, I used a device that fits in my pocket to view a photo, posted seconds earlier, by a friend on the other side of the planet. A device that is hundreds of times more powerful than desktop computers I used at work less than a decade ago.

For some of us, the future arrived a while back. I don’t think we even noticed; as we were impatiently waiting for flying cars and teleportation devices, we actually got robotic limbs, 3D printers and radio controlled cars on Mars. At times, even science fiction fantasy can’t keep pace with our science fiction reality.

Unfortunately not everyone benefits from life in the future – we all know that billions still live in abject poverty, lacking even the most basic health care or sanitation. What makes it worse, some of these are forced into virtual slavery to build our latest must have gadgets. To think about this makes me feel a weird mix of self hate and sadness. At times it’s overwhelming.

William Gibbson once wrote – “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”.

He was right.


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