I am so angry.

I just spent ages typing out a post. It was probably (and I don’t normally blow my own trumpet, but I guess someone has to) the best post I, maybe even anyone, had ever written. By turns funny and sad, incisive and motivating, its narrative of the day in the life of an ordinary working man contained layers of metaphors which would probably have been studied for years to come by young students of English literature and  Philosophy. Quite probably even Theology.

Alas, it was destined not to be released upon the word. Having completed this work of total genius, I thought, as a final compliment to you, dear reader, I would insert a rather subtle photo of a dog on a surf board. For some reason as I went to upload it, my laptop decided to crash, and this beautiful piece of writing, this post of posts was lost for ever.

Unfortunately, I cannot replicate the work – I’m afraid it was a one off piece, almost as if some divine spirit had moved through me and guided my thoughs as I busily typed away.

Well, where does that leave us?



About odiousghost

Successfully going from failure to failure since 1767
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2 Responses to Arghhhh

  1. Cafe says:

    Haha! That’s okay, you still managed to write a good post anyway — perhaps not one that will end up in the Theology archives but … ya know =P

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