London in the Sun

So, the Olympics are nearly here, the sun is out, and aside from a little coffee spillage on my new white trainers, all is well with the world. It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine can make all your problems seem just a little easier to cope with.

Unless of course your problem is that you tend to sunburn easily. Or that you are stuck all day in an office with a broken air-con unit, watching the students, cycle couriers and the lucky, lucky unemployed lounging around on the grass in the park across the street. Or, indeed, that you promised to water your neighbours garden while they are away, only you’ve forgotten 2 days on the run, and now it’s entirely possible that the hostas, forget-me-nots and the whatever-the-fuck else they have in their garden are nothing more than wilted piles of desiccated leaf.

Still, at least the Olympics are just round the corner, the Greatest Sporting Event on the Planet™ which will see millions of additional lost, confused, and, let’s face it, slightly disappointed tourists piling onto London’s already overcrowded, overheated, delay prone transport system.

At least we can all celebrate, proudly I might add, the Olympic Ideal with a Big Mac, large fries and Coke. Hhmmm. Yum.



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