Summer in Berlin

I’ve just returned from a few days in an unbearably muggy and humid Berlin. I have to say the place was great, but the weather caught me totally off guard – for some reason I didn’t even bother to check the forecast, so arrived with a bag full of exactly the same clothing I would have worn in a cool, wet London (typical weather for summer in London)


Although it was pretty much overcast the whole 3 days, and raining intermittently, the temperature probably never dropped below 25 degrees.. even at night – and the absolute lack of even the slightest of breezes made the the trip uncomfortable to say the least. One of the group described the air as glue, which it was; warm glue, which in order to make our way through the city we had to wade through, like adventurers through a swamp.

Factor in that the group consisted of 12 degenerates, who were either drinking, drunk, or in a hungover fug from drinking, and that the chief ambition of most of the group was to become a tongue in cheek nihilist, and you can probably understand why, although I loved the place, whenever my thoughts turn to Berlin from now, I will shudder, mop my brow, and whisper ‘Never again’

We did however visit the world famous Hansa Studios, where the likes of David Bowie recorded works of genius like this, and laid down our own, (I want to say ground breaking, but can’t possibly) broken version of Let’s Dance. A truly great experience.


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